About Us

    Hi everyone, I'm George, founder and head honcho here at Fanpelt. Fanpelt is a new company based in St. Mary's, a small town in the heart of Kansas. We specialize in fun accessories that are designed to fit under your favorite team's hat! Some people say that our wigs are strikingly similar to some real big leaguers' hair! I'm not saying anything for certain, but there may be something to that!   

Where did the idea come from?

     As a kid, I grew up playing, loving, and watching baseball. With 8 kids in the family, that was a lot of baseball, along with ice hockey and just about every other sport. My brothers, sisters, friends, and I used to pride ourselves on how many players we could recognize just by looking at the hair flowing out of their cap. It wasn't till after a few years ago that the light bulb flickered and we realized how fun a hair accessory would be! The first player that actually inspired Fanpelt to become a real thing was Hunter Pence! Yep, that hilarious hair that looked like Marv from Home Alone, was the first ever Fanpelt! As a Royals Fan it was hard watching that hair do so much damage to us during the 2014 World Series... but that's the way it goes... that's baseball.

Why baseball?

     The answer is simple, and possibly said best by the Bambino, "Baseball was, is and always will be to me the best game in the world". Baseball fans are a unique bunch. There is a special player-to-fan connection that is not found in any other sport. No other sport has the power to incite your reverie like baseball. To those who share a love for the game, it brings youthful memories and feelings that only the sights, sounds and smells of a ballgame can know. Here at Fanpelt we love baseball and its fans!

Our mission    

     Our goal is simple: To make you the greatest fan in baseball! We hope to spread a love for the game and be an inspiration to fans of all ages. So take me out to the ball game! Go relax and enjoy this great country's favorite pastime! Put away the phones and the distractions for a few hours and take in the beauty a ballpark has to offer! But while you're there, feel free to Tweet us a pic @fanpelt of you and your Fanpelt. Don't be an average fan! Wear a Fanpelt!   

     Thank you! Contact us at any time, we would love to here from you! 

     Contact information: contact@fanpelt.com